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Stuart Steck


Residency Faculty

Stuart Steck is currently the Chair of Integrated Studies at Lesley University’s College of Art and Design. Over the course of his career, Steck has worked as both a curator and academic. Although he was originally trained in the field of American decorative arts, his current interests focus on contemporary art and critical theory.

In addition to teaching at Lesley University, Steck has held faculty positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brown University, Boston University, and Suffolk University. Steck currently serves as the president of the Visual Culture Consortium, Boston. And from 2007-2011, he produced the Short Attention Span Digital Video Festival, an international film festival for emerging artists and filmmakers. Steck has received research grants from the Henry Luce Foundation, the Pittsburgh Foundation, and the Boston University Humanities Foundation. He received his BA in History from Cornell University and his PhD in Art History from Boston University.

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